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    Uninhibited youth meets fresh, American style. We’ve reinvented the traditional spirit because people have had enough of stodgy and outdated gins. Here you can expect incredibly crisp and refreshing flavors. Always family owned and operated, Andrew John’s is distilled to ensure unmatched quality and flavor. Welcome to the gin revolution.

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    Our Gin

    Our Premium Gin was inspired while in the piney mountains of Montana where fresh Rocky Mountain juniper grows wild. Infused with bold flavors of juniper, pine, lemon & orange peel, lime, coriander, anise & black currant (cassis) to make a crisp & smooth refreshing gin.

    8x Distilled. 5x Filtered.
    Gluten Free. Kosher. Distilled From Corn.

    Andrew John's Premium Gin Bottle

    2018 Gold Medal Winner
    Wine and Spirit Wholesales of America
    2017 Triple Gold Medal Winner
    MicroLiquor Spirit Awards
    2017 Gold Packaging Winner
    MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

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