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The Skyline Agency disrupts markets

with product and package design that’s out of this world. Not only have we helped multi million dollar brands enter the retail space, but as business owners, we’ve launched our own products as well. Our years of experience across food, beauty, wellness and many other markets, help us tailor your packaging to resonate with the right audience.


We study the competition and your consumers so we can identify where competition is low and ways your product can succeed. This learning and insight exposes market opportunities that are not addressed by current products, and reveal new creative paths to disrupt and stand out on the shelf or online.


Whether you want something that’s never been done before, or choose to stick with proven packaging design, we promise to deliver something beautiful and effective for your brand. The right design leads to increased customer-perceived value of your product, make your products pop off the shelf and simply help you sell more.


We partner with industry leaders in package manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for premium materials or a fantastic value, we can assist in sourcing and building boxes, bags and cases for your products. We take your dream and make it a reality.